Jackson Figure Skates Brief History

Jackson Figure Skate Company was founded by Donald Jackson (winner of the 1962 World Figure Skating Championships) and his brother Bill Jackson in 1966.  Together with the Bauer Skate Company they developed a line of figure skates which now are worn by figure skaters all over the world.  Both Jackson Skates and its sister company, GAM Skates, are now both owned by the Canadian conglomerate Tournament Sports. 

Jackson Skate Factory

Watch how Jackson Skates are made.

Meet Don Jackson

Don Jackson was the first male skater to land a triple Lutz in competition.  Watch this video and learn how he got started in figure skating.

Jackson Figure Skating Boots & Jackson Ice Skates

Skaters have pushed the envelope in the past several years to land triple and quad jumps once thought to be too difficult to even try.  One of the reasons they have been able to accomplish these amazing feats is due to the equipment.  Jackson has been on the cutting edge of skate development. They have been among the first to produce lighter boots, more comfort through heat molding and better support by listening to the skaters and accommodating their needs.    

Some of the latest innovations for Jackson figure skating boots is to provide a microfiber outer.  Microfiber is strong and cut resistant to keep away those ugly scratches.  Jackson also has incorporated a carbon fiber sole on some of their elite models to help make the figure skating boots lighter. 

Jackson's New Technology

Watch this video of of Jackson Ultima's 3D Foot Scanner.  A new and unique way to fit skates.

The Jackson Fit & Skaters Who Wear Them

The Jackson Fit

Jackson is a leading brand for lightweight performance in Figure Skates.  Most all Jackson ice skates and boots are heat moldable to help reduce the break-in time.  They have a rounded toe box,  a medium-high instep, and a medium width heel.  

Jackson figure skates are recommended by coaches everywhere.  The Jackson brand is a good choice for skaters who have several toes the same length as the big toe, a medium to high arch and medium heel.  Jackson knows that not all feet are the same width, so they offer several stock figure skating boots in four different widths.  This brand offers several different models from beginner to advanced skaters who need support from a well made, top quality boot.  

World Medal & Olympic Skaters Wearing Jackson Skating Boots or Ultima Blades

Nathan Chen
Mariah Bell
Karen Chen
Jason Brown 

Alaine Chartrand
Ashely Cain
Gabriella Papadkis
Gillaume Cizeron
Liam Firus
Alissa Czisny
Larkyn Austman
Mirai Nagasu
Aimee Buchanan
Kristen Moore-Towers
Rockne Brubaker
Elli Kopmar
Narumi Takahashi
Ryo Shibata
Andrew Torgashev

Kaetlyn Osmond